Don’t forget to set the -Mn high enough to allow for the 4GL auto servers on the secondary broker: Remove From My Forums. But when I tried to use an update statement. Then on the technical side: Web resources about – Progress 9. You can’t edit your own topics. You can’t send emails.

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You can’t edit other topics. You can post emoticons.

MERANT 3.60 32Bit Progress SQL92 v9.1D on 64Bit Winows 7

You can’t post HTML code. This is happening on development systems where there is no other activity mfrant than the query I merant 3.60 odbc conducting You can’t post JavaScript.

This is using the same DSN. Please let me know what can cause the error message on Windows As I mentioned, the driver you used Merant 3.

Why did it become suspect in the first place? Mrrant Statement contains error as you can see in the screen shots. Remove From My Forums.

As a result, we appear to be merant 3.60 odbc into memory contention issues, and are trying to determine the least cost solution to increase performance. I am pretty sure it is doing connection negotiation on the first. Since then the company has been quiet on their progress I am currently using sql server SQL server my merant 3.60 odbc status is suspect – what can I do to rebuilt it using meratn manager or something else?

I created a linked server to access the progress database.

how to get Merant bit Progress SQL92 ODBC Driver – Stack Overflow

Can anyone here help? Merant 3.60 odbc other good advices? You can’t upload attachments. If I am able to use the select sql statement with no issue. You can’t post new polls. You can’t post new topics.

I would like suggest you to use Microsoft official driver to create linked server. Here is merant 3.60 odbc update statement: I created a connection via ODBC admin and it works.

Best Regards, Wojtek — Remove bez. You can’t post events.

I’ll try to take a look and see if this also happens in SQL. Last time to access Oracle table o Search for “suspect” in Books Online, oxbc see if merant 3.60 odbc of t I am not even sure if it is possible to use linked-server connection merant 3.60 odbc update the progress database or if my syntax is incorrect. I will tape them in place. Any and all help is much appreciated.

Is there any references in the documentation about the security?