Will it run fine in VGA mode? I replaced the power jack and cable on a PCG-K45 today, and without your help, it literally would not have been possible. I just wanted to thank you for the great instructions here on replacing the power jack. Take a look at ebay listings. Yes, if you have Wi-Fi antenna cables installed. But now I have a little question: Already replaced the harddrive.

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The battery light earlier sony vaio pcg-k45 it to not need charging. Anyone have any help or additional input would be great. Maybe you accidentally pulled if from the screen while taking apart the laptop? Thanks in advance, Winnewupp.

Unless you have another thought? Can you suggest what the problem might be. I have an old vaio PCG-K13 it stoped working suddenly.

Sony VAIO PCG-K45 Specs – CNET

Make sure the hard drive properly connected to the motherboard. To learn more about these manufacturers, please check the official websites: Pxg-k45, I cannot thank you enough!! If you remove sony vaio pcg-k45 keyboard bezel and disconnected it from the motherboard, as it shown on the pictures 3 and 4, make sure the cable is properly connected to the motherboard.

But now when I start my pc, the power sony vaio pcg-k45 battery LEDs lite only once and nothing happens.

Hi there I found this great guide which i used to fix a customers laptop. The LAPTOP sonh shutting down after a minute sony vaio pcg-k45 then even quicker, I gathered this was sony vaio pcg-k45 to a fault Heatsink and fan, I replaced the Heastsink and fan module and i now have an issue with the laptop not powering on at all.

Sony eSupport – PCG-K45 – Support

Disconnect the touch pad cable connector on the motherboard and unplug the cable. Lots sony vaio pcg-k45 usefull info. I was sony vaio pcg-k45 doubt about the card so your comment is right. It will run for days so I take it that it has to be software related but I see no conflicts anywhere. Geoff, i decided to reset the laptop to its factory settings witch ive done baio with no problems. Could be just a connection related issue. Thanks for the photos and step by step guide.

Install new heat sink assembly.

It is not an overheating issue as I have cleaned it prior to this issue starting. Leave only major parts such as motherboard, CPU with ssony cooling module, memory. You can break a connector but not the cable. They just took all my content and sony vaio pcg-k45 watermarks on all pictures. First, probably in VGA mode screen is ok and quickly the screen go black.

Jorge, In this guide.

14.8V 4400mAh Replacement Laptop Battery for Sony VAIO PCG-K45

If not, have I screwed up something else? I would prefer not to take sony vaio pcg-k45 chance on breaking something or a part that is in all probability unavailable. Thanks for the information and pictures re: Be very sony vaio pcg-k45 removing the heatsink because most likely the CPU will come out attached to the heatsink. I can stil charge my battery if i keep the supply. Gave it a good blow out and clean but now it is back together again now i have found that on startup i get a continuous beeping and lots of ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; continuously typed automatically?

After the connector is unlocked, you can pull the sony vaio pcg-k45 and remove the keyboard be. I have also gone through every level on the F8 screen and it still shuts off with the exception of Safe Mode with Networking. You can try reseating the LCD cable on both ends.